Tuesday, October 28, 2008


at least now i am done with my psuasive speech...:)

FYI, i'd received a few comments pertaining to the speech that i presented today...thnx for those inspiring comments my dear friends

here are some comments from my peers regarding my psuasive speech today:

ahmad top said:You delivered the topic with confidence in your back.I love the energy that you brought. Your tone was perfect an you were confident. Perhaps you might want to be aware of your speech's phase...

my reply: thnx top....ur comment is very much appreciated...it's full of inspirational words and am hepi with that....

chek said: Good speech, fluent and smooth delivery. Well done. Good speech. Seems that you have prepared well along with the facts and survey that you mentioned.

my reply: thnx chek...hahahaha...i did comment on yours too aite?

mior said: Good presentation, true, honest , hv credibility. You've made people realize that coupling is not a desperate need and are not based on trends. It depends on how you r prepared an ready for it. "Give time for true love to come" - Bob Dylan

my reply: thnx for your motivational thoughts and consctrutive comments encik mior though u obviously dont even know my name..kaakakakak...what a classmate~

mimi chan said:MANTEPS chek pa!you got the attitude...moga ia jumpa org yg sesuai ntuk diri ia..huhu..xdpt bg bnyk comment..nvous ia..xoxo-mimi chan....

my reply: mimi chan thnx...moga doa mu diberkati allah..hehehe...

despite those positive comments, i still dont feel secure with my speech...i didnt know how miss vovi evaluated us...for my friends it might b ok...but for her we'll nvr know...hope everything will b just fine...aminnnnn~