Sunday, November 9, 2008

highlights of this month!~

-------FOOD FOOD FOOD-----------

*ayam-masak-halia(again n again)

*plain rice (rafi's)




*doublecheese-burger(1 mcvalue meal- set)



*jagung-bakar(psr mlm sect 18-monday)


*maggi-cup (curry)


*kuih-muih wirasejati

*rambutan-tepi-taman-tepi-cemara(rm 3 utk 1 plastik yg banyak)

*air watercooler

*corn in cup-daily fresh


NTAH fafe~kuang3

Friday, November 7, 2008


....####catch ya later peeps######

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


at least now i am done with my psuasive speech...:)

FYI, i'd received a few comments pertaining to the speech that i presented today...thnx for those inspiring comments my dear friends

here are some comments from my peers regarding my psuasive speech today:

ahmad top said:You delivered the topic with confidence in your back.I love the energy that you brought. Your tone was perfect an you were confident. Perhaps you might want to be aware of your speech's phase...

my reply: thnx top....ur comment is very much's full of inspirational words and am hepi with that....

chek said: Good speech, fluent and smooth delivery. Well done. Good speech. Seems that you have prepared well along with the facts and survey that you mentioned.

my reply: thnx chek...hahahaha...i did comment on yours too aite?

mior said: Good presentation, true, honest , hv credibility. You've made people realize that coupling is not a desperate need and are not based on trends. It depends on how you r prepared an ready for it. "Give time for true love to come" - Bob Dylan

my reply: thnx for your motivational thoughts and consctrutive comments encik mior though u obviously dont even know my name..kaakakakak...what a classmate~

mimi chan said:MANTEPS chek pa!you got the attitude...moga ia jumpa org yg sesuai ntuk diri ia..huhu..xdpt bg bnyk comment..nvous ia..xoxo-mimi chan....

my reply: mimi chan thnx...moga doa mu diberkati allah..hehehe...

despite those positive comments, i still dont feel secure with my speech...i didnt know how miss vovi evaluated us...for my friends it might b ok...but for her we'll nvr know...hope everything will b just fine...aminnnnn~

Saturday, September 20, 2008

hari yg malas....

huhuhu...sunday is a day for me to relax.....tho i hv loads of pending assgments to buat..i keep on procrastinating...procrastinating...hoho...why???sbb saya mmg malas dowww...

oh yea...last nite we went to watch a theatre...musical one...mula2 rasa uuuww..malasnya mo tgk bnda ni..but it's compulsory for our drama my frens n i ramai2 pegi naek bus uitm yg dah disediakan..kitaorg bukak posa pun kat klpac..the place was so sunyi n at that time tak ramai org n my frens tapau mknn dr mcd sajo...time bukak...kitaorg mkn kat tepi was so cool~...mcm picnic gituw...hoho...

oh yea..talking bout the theatre...syes best....but still i prefer wtching movies at cinema...huahauahua....this kind of thingy is good if u watch occasionally...plg best time dorg bawak lagu the phantom of the opera...tho they'd changed the lyrics it was still awesome...their voices were all superb i must say....n it was good to see loads of people came to watch the same theatre.....puas hati la byr rm10..huhuhu...walaupun dah pokai a bit..kakaka...

talking bout pokai or being broke...oowww..being broke is no fun at all...when i analyze my expenses..waaaa...i dunno where my money had gone...huhauahauah...mari kita risik2 cket my expenses for this month...

elaun bulan ini..tmsk duit buku gtuw ...rm1500 gituw...

i transferred a sum of money to my public bank account...=to b exact rm500 sajo...


1) rilod pertama = rm10
2) perfume midnight fantasy = rm 225
3) beg playez= rm 9.90 sajo
4) new single bedsheet= rm 35.90
5) baju2 n bnda2 yg bkaitan= rm 93.70
6)internet payment= rm 20
7)rilod kedua= rm 10
8)makan2= tak tkira ooo....i spent a lot on food i guess
9)rilod ketiga =rm10
10) transportation= hmmm...banyak juga...huhhuuhu...susah sbb xda receipt..huheueheu..esp for the cab...
11)groceries= aku dah buang receipt2 mydin n aku lupa..
12) fund utk our drama=rm 50 bg dgn dutz..

hmmm....actually there r lots of unlisted items here...but kind of broke now...huhuhu..nxt month...i need to manage my money n expenses wisely so that i know where my money goes...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

saya bukan bongek yang desperado....

wuarghhh..out of boredom...i suddenly come up with this going to brainstorm 10 reasons why i dont hv or need a steady boyfriend...(at least for now).....kuang3....i know most people hv their so-called beloved ones (their bfs)....but not me...i dont mind having no bf coz i hv my own reasons for that...

here are the reasons:

1) obviously am not ready to get my heart broken again

this one is extremely past still haunts me n it sickens me as just not ready for that kind of thingy coz my heart is still bleeding...huhuhuhuhu

2) i dont even hv time for myself..let alone for other people

my life is frantically hectic with loads of assgments,tests, n other stuff...i barely hv time for my own self at times..walaupun dlm sehari ada 24 hours...that's still not enough for me...klau ada bf nak kena sms dia lg..jaga hati dia lagi...kuar ngn dia lagi....wowowowow....cukup will be easier if i'm single...huhuaahauha...i just hv to think bout myself~(this sounds selfish right?yeah i am...kakakakaka...:P)

3) my parents always advise me to put my studies as my priority

huhuhu..ini mmg la agak skema...but still it means a lot...mak bapak always seek for the best for the sake of their children's success n happiness...klau setakat happiness yg x psti tu mcm ngekla jugak kan...i know suma org rsa bahagia bila da bf n gf di sisi...but remember...we will nvr know what will happen to us in the future...walaupun some people think that they're happy with their current relationship selagi blom kwen tak semestinya itu akan jd milik kita right???even dah kawen pon tak smstinya kekal jd milik kita just believe in what ur parents are saying...they know what is the best for us...

4) i kinda hv loads of male frens n if ada bf nti dia cemburu tak tntu pasal... is utterly indisputable that i hv loads of male frens...n some of them are very close to me...sometimes people tend to get us wrong esp when we hang out together...some say that they're my bfs...actually they aren't...woahhh...bengong~i dont mind hanging out with my close male frens n kwn laki yg bole dipercayai...huhuhuhu...if ada bf nti dia akn marah2 tak tntu psl...if dia ckp takkan jeles...tryla once...kuang3...jgn nak tipu laaa...nti tk psl2 asyik kena kol etc....wowoowowow....pastu marah2 lg summore...x best bha like dat....

5) am still young and need a freedom

bukan nak ckp da bf takda freedom...certain people kdg gitu n kdg depends...but if u hv a bf or gf...msti gak da certain limit yg takble langgar just in case to tknak kecik kan hati org2 berkenaan..huhuhuhu...being single is much easier...u can go out with anyone u like without having to ask for a sort of permission from ur so-called bf/gf....curfew pun takda for some people..wohooo....cuma sndiri mo ingatla...ahaks!~

6) am not desperado....

no offence yupp...some people think that hving a bf is a kind of pride for's even worse when they hv this sort of mentality; "asal ada jak bha"( bak kata org sbh) times dorg x fikir pon the pros n long as ada ....they will b on par with other people ..sumtimes their desire to hv a bf/gf is seriously uncontrollable n that might also lead them to a reckless for me..tak semestinya org lain ada i must hv one not desperate...thats for sure...

7) am not good enough for most guys

seriously am a type of girl yg agak ngokngek...i dont think any guy cn stand me n i dont think they'll love the way i am...most guys suka ppuan yg bjiwa kewanitaan gitu n ayu2 lagi for jiwa is kind of preference seems to reflect me a lot...n am just not good enough for everyone...n i think i need some times to improve myself...n hope that i'll become a better person in the future...insyaAllah...

8) i want to spend my money for my own needs..bukan utk bf...(this might sound ridiculous but it's true...)

for ur info, i still hv a lot of things to buy...perfume,baju,kasut etc...huahauahuaha...biasala ppuan kn...when people read this i can guess the first word tht will spring into their minds..."selfish"...kakakaka...heyya peeps...some people snggup berabis tau utk bf n gf dorg..walaupun dorg jd papa kedana...huhuhu...i really wish that will not happen to me though coz i syg my money more than other unnecessry things...bukan la ckp bf or gf tu is not kalau dah in a relationship..tendency utk spend duit for dating, gifts n etc tu mmg la sgt2 happy that i just hv to spend my allowance or money for my own just a student..n not yet working so phm2 la k...huhuhuhu...

9) there is no guy that manages to catch my attention at the moment..let alone my heart...kakakaka

some say that am choosy when it comes to this sort of me..tak slh la kita memilih kan...coz suma org pun nak yg tbaek...if main redah jer sukati that is not proper for me...n one more thing... falling in love bukan sng mcm mkn kacang pistachios...coz we can't force ourselves to love other people...just let the feeling come naturally n sooner or later u'll know jugak how it feels...its a matter of time my dear~

10) am gay!~

kuang3....hahahahaha...when people read my 10th reason they might b startled i guess...hhaha..dont get me wrong...hey am straight not a gay means am hepi to b what i am happy being a singleton n thats not a big deal for me though....i'd been thru a lot for the past 3 years n i think my previous relationship taught me a lot bout life, trust, loyalty,honesty,lies n even betrayal...what goes around must come around i just hv to move on with life n now am hepiiiiiiiiiii~

huhuhuhuh...before i stop i want to apologize if my words here seem to offend anyone's feelings...i nvr mean to do so actually... whatever i've said here is purely sincere...hope everyone will understnd that....tq...

lots of luvs


here i come again~

heyya peeps..

setelah kian lama i come again...actually am on holiday now...the fact that am not oing back to my hometown during this hol makes myself glued 24/7 to this laptop....thnk god that ive registered n subscribed to this internet least i have something to do here in hostel...

life has been crazily overwhelming at the moment...though am on my holiday now...assgments berlambak-lambak...then i need to prepare my myself for my informative speech as well...tests pun berturut2 nti lepas habis cuti...wawawawaawaaaa....those things seem to depress me a lot...but i know being so depressed is not good for soul...huhuhu...nti sakit jiwa...ngeng~...enough with that i guess.....hmmmm....

let's move on with here in shah alam is going just fine i suppose...cuma blom settle down sgt...i dunno why...for the last two weeks...our lives hd been extremely hectic with loads of things going around...with mekar amal punya karnival n perbarisan for inpro (intec punya sukan) kami mcm jadi patung bernyawa suda...nda tau mo ckp apa ooo...but those things went quite well..n at least we're exposed to that kind of stuff early n we could learn something from that as in the will be easy for us to handle such are some pics of mine that i wanna share with y'all~

with top n tesl square...

during perbarisan for INPRO...from the left: me, lalis n mi chan...

me...lepas kesatria...penat n bengang....

after our mtv punya asgment...kuikuikui

Sunday, July 13, 2008

what the ....!!!!~

alohaaaaa people!~

its been a while since i posted my last entry..actually i hv loads of stuff in my mind that i really wanna share with y'all..but internet connection here is kinda heartrending...seriously its no fun at all when u hv no good access to internet...nonetheless..i think this is good for me least i'll not spend 24/7 of my time on internet..kuang3...

before i proceed, lemme describe a bit on how my life is going on so far here in shah life here is just nice...though indubitably there are always obstructions that might strike me...i always believe...wherever we go..challenges are always there waiting for hook or by crook we need to get through them..whether we succeed or not it depends on how we handle things me though this place is a bit slowly adapting myself to the surroundings here...sooner or later i'll get used to this place n i really hope that i'll enjoy every single minute of my time here like what i did in KK...for the past few days...i'd been to some places...the funniest thing was when i went for ice-skating in sunway pyramid...memandangkan encik mau n his friend,salam dah beriya2 mengajak me ke sana so ikut je laa...hahahhaha...punya tragic...i know nothing bout ice-skating n seriously not good at it..smpat jatuh lg...i was like waaaaaaaaaaa!~~~~so tragic...n menjerit2 sbb takut jatuh...but other people seemed to enjoy it..kuang3...before we went to sunway pyramid we spent our time in kaki was mcm nak patah coz i wore highheels..last2 kena gak beli another flat sandal..if not mmg my kaki dah tragic gila at that time....nxt time kalau nak jln i need to wear shoes i was a good lesson for me though so that i akan beringat2 next time...huahauah...nevertheless it was a good experience n hanging out with them was seriously fun...thnx a lot to encik mau n his friend salam..huahaua..

here is another story when i went to klcc with my besties elaine n mimi chan...after we changed our group last friday we were like having no class for the entire we decided to go to klcc...agak tragic jugak coz at that time elaine n i wore baju kurung...we hv to bersesak2 in the rapid KL n thank god it took only 40 minutes + to reach the kl central...erghhh...pengalaman yg sgt tragic but fun la jugak...huaauahuaha..pastu naik lrt pegi klcc...ahernya smpai kat sna...n there we met nabil n frens from IPKB...dorg pun tgh jln kat sna at that time so kitaorg pun jln2 sama ngn dorg...hahahha...walaupun dorg agak ngokngek..but they're extremely funny....hahhahahha..tragic sungguh..asyik2 nak ketawa...mmg always ada bnda yg nak diketawakan...after spending hours in klcc then kitaorg balik la...tu pon tragic gak coz tpksa bsesak2 dlm lrt n rapid time org balik keja..huhuhu...

a day ago..we had attended kesatria for the first time....mula2 blenggang2 la jln...tak lama pastu kena jerit ole komander2...hahahhaha...rasakan penangan dorg...mcm military school jer...hahhahaha....i never expected that it could be that bad...haha...bpnasan la kitaorg smlm...habis muka tbakar dahhh...huhuhu...but what to i said..we hd to get through it no matter we liked it or not...kuang3...Kesatria is seriously no fun! more thing...i changed my 3rd language no longer taking up ambik arab...i dont think i can do well in french....thats why change cpt2....huhu...however i want to say sorry to my bestfren, top coz tak menepati janji nak ambik french....sori top..elaine n i siyesly mcm takpat masuk dgn french tu...kitaorg tersilap langkah in the first place haritu....soriiii okay....actually bnyk lg nak cita..but...i think am going to stop here for now...nti smbg lg time i'll update this post n if ada gmba i'll enclose kan skali...k till we meet again peeps...!~ daaaaa~

Sunday, June 29, 2008

spain vs germany!~

hallluuuuu there..

haha..its a kinda odd for a person like "ME' who knows nothing bout futball to wake up n watch futball match late at night..or nearly dawn i must say...but last night..i watched the final match between spain n was so cool to see spain won the championship...haha...poor germany..!~...actually i am not a big fan of any team..but spain isnt that bad though..i sokong yg menang jerr..kakakakakak...:P...the spain goalkeeper..Iker Casillas Fernández seemed to catch my attention last nite..haha..with gud-looking figure he was a magnificent he's the captain of spanish national's so COOOLL!~...wawawawwaa...


looks like josh harnett a bit here...

he looks great in red i guess..heee..

Friday, June 27, 2008

ola ola ola~

heyaa peeps..

welcome to my new blog..guess this is my first entry here..i kinda hv no idea what to type here but nvmind...i just pour down anything that springs into my mind at the moment...

haduh..cuti is going to end soon...its kinda hard to explain what i really feel now..excited???huhu..not really...unhappy??tidak feelings are extremely inexplicable i must say..time moves so fast..n this july am going to shah alam for my 2nd year..n 3 year as gonna miss KK b honest..KK means sumthing to me..means a lot i think..dont get me wrong ok..coz some people might think that i hv 'someone' there n thats why i miss KK that much..actually thats not the reason at me..KK is a place for me to release all the pains that ive been thru lately..i dont hv to explain any futher bout those pains..but one thing for moving on well with life now~...:)...we need to cherish our lives to the fullest right???...
heyy..i wanna reflect a bit on one of the recent posts that i read on FS bulletin was from MUAZ( tak knl sgt pon but for sure he is a friend on my fs list) b honest..i would say that the post was nicely written from a sincere heart..esehh..huahauahau..what he said there was utterly was about giving advice to youngsters esp those who hv finished their school years..i know ramai yg teruja kan sbb dh hbs zmn skolah n tak pyhla pakai uniform segala n tpksa ikut peraturan sekolah etc..msti excited gila gak coz msti ramai yg akan msk kolej or uni..actually..we still hv a long way to go..(tu pon kalau long la offence)...n for sure we hv loads of things to think about no matter we like it or not..n bila dah msk kolej or uni..we need to b more independent coz life kat situ mmg beza la dr kehidupan di skolah..mgkin ramai yg excited sgt2 yg penting kena la pndai2 pker sndiri..friends are seriously vital there..friends are our ultimate influence coz we'll spend most of our time with them..our parents are not always there to b with us..just imagine kalau mak bapak pon asyik tgk kita n turut sama pg ke kolej or uni semata2 nak jaga kita..hahaha..that sounds tragic i guess..
talking bout frens just now..kwn mmg play a vital kita kena pndaila cari kwn..carila kwn2 yg bole susah sng dgn kita n yg pntg yg dpt bsama2 kita menuju kejayaan..walaupun ayat ni agak skema but its true..we can enjoy our lives like other people do...nak main pon main laa..nak ngorat awek pon ngorat laa..tak kesahhh..coz takda org marah gakk..dont worry..but the most important thing is kena pndai jaga diri..kita pon kena bsosial gak..takkan nak mngadap buku 24/7 right??we also hv a life to dont waste it..hahaha..kami pun salu enjoy gak sbnrnyaa...merambu rambi lg dlm erti kata lain..but dont ever forget ur main purpose of being there..i mean in kolej or uni..that is to educate study should always b our priority..i know am not the one yg layak utk bcakap psl ni but to me..enjoy sukati la tp study jgn neglect ponn..ingat apa parents kita pesan k...because our parents will always hope that their children will b useful people towards their nation..(i sound a bit weird here coz am not always being optimistic when it comes to this kind of thingy...nvmind...thats not important though) we grow up..we'll definitely learn loads of things...thats how we gain our experiences..but the most vital thing is we need to prepare ourselves mentally, physically,emotionally,spiritually etc to face the future..we'll nvr know what will happen to us coz life is extremely unpredictable..before i stop...i wanna apologize if there are any shortcomings in this entry..actually bukanla nak menasihat sapa2 pon but this is like a reminder for everyone including my own self..k i think thats all for now..till we meet again nxt time..daaaa~