Wednesday, January 14, 2009

JAN 14th...wednesday

Before our BEL class today, we stopped by Dr Izham's room..seeking accurate info regarding the student exchange programme with University of South Australia(i can say it's just for fun n out of curiousity as well)...we have no idea whether we would have the chance or even luck to be the chosen ones for the programme..since we're link the chance will be 30% out of hundred(just a wild guess)..but we already handed in our names to him...(i hv no idea whether this is just for fun as well)...hahahahahhaha..:P

Saturday, January 10, 2009

saturday jan 10th

i went to youth' was incredibly awesome~~~...actually i hv lots to talk about but am a bit tired..i'll update more on this later k..da

Thursday, January 8, 2009


I woke up early for the sake of methodology n literature ..WTH~(I try to b nice not to say the F word)..huhuhu..i didn’t hv my breakfast WTH~(again I try to b nice not to say the F word)…but eventually had it after my metholodogy class which was about 930 a.m..the time wasn’t that bad I least better than having my breakfast at 130 pm..

I called my mom asking about my dad’s condition..thank god my dad was ok..the problem was only with that tracheostomy tube...hopefully he will get better soon..i texted my lil bro n saying nice things to him( should I say a piece of good advice?)…emm..(thats what an elder sis should do I guess)..


Today.. I got inspired by the so-called funniest book of the year ‘The Secret diary of Adrian Mole bla la bla”. The book inspired me to start keeping a diary…so here I am..telling you my story..

FYI, nothing great happened to me today…I just spent half of the day with my buddies at the fac..but we got a new lecturer for our PTE n BAB451(arabic class) as well...for the PTE, we were a bit upset that Uncle Riz is not going to teach us this sem..but the new lecturer or should I call him Dr Joe?..he wasn’t that appalling actually..he tried his best to make the class lively but to no avail as most of us seemed/pretended to be very busy with our own stuff and didn’t give him any desired response…pity Dr Joe.. Nonetheless, just wait n see…who knows the stars( us) are going to shine next week…J

After having my Arabic class, I bought a nasi lemak from pakcik…it cost me about rm1 only (one of the best ways to save money)...pity that kakak whose stall was just next to pakcik’s..seemed like her lauk-pauk were not in great demand..huhu..elaine told me that we should have our dinner at least before 8 to avoid fatness..yeah...we tried our best to shun that problem~

Thursday, January 1, 2009

new resolution???

New year has come~…apparently time moves so fast that we don’t even realize we’re already in 2009…I suppose it’s still not too late to wish everyone a very hepi nu year and may god bless us all…talking bout new year..each year, people will talk n keep on asking ‘WHAT IS YOUR NEW RESOLUTION FOR THIS YEAR?’…I bet this is the most famous question when new year is about to come..

Resolution??hmm lemme b perfectly frank, I don’t even have one for this 2009..that sounds urghh..but it’s undeniably true I said in the previous paragraph…time moves so fast..i barely realize that 2008 has changed to 2009…furthermore my New Year celebration was kinda lame I must say..i spent my entire night having a good sleep (though I had a nightmare actually)..i was so tired last night that I didn’t have a clue why…I didn’t feel like celebrating new year like others did..i didn’t feel like going out or something..but what I knew was..I WAS tremendously LETHARGIC without any solid reason…huhu..

Let me continue with this resolution thingy…when I scrolled through the net this morning I found an article about top ten new year’s now I would like to share some of the resolutions mentioned in the article with y’all and i will also elaborate on it…

Here are the resolutions:

1) Spend More Time with Family & Friends

Recently I’d been spending loads of time with my family I guess due to the fact that my dad was admitted to HUS suffering from an unanticipated stroke..thank god he’s getting better now..i always pray for his good health...
Talking bout family and friends, I regard them as valuable diamonds in my life…Spending more time with them is what I am really looking for because I know they’re always there for me during my ups n downs…thanx a lot to my family and my besties…

2. Fit in Fitness

Huahauhau…hmm....FYI, Ive always desired to have a healthy lifestyle but based on my experience previously…everytime I tried to go for a jog at the park next to Cemara friend( Elaine-bukan nama sebenar) and I would end up buying and eating cucur pisang,cucur ubi etc..takpun rambutan murah yg berharga rm3 untuk satu plastic besar…duh~…

p/s: mak cik jual tu siap nak pesan beli mutiara dr sabah kunun..bajet mesra alam…nasib aku bukan sabahan..weeweee…!!!! ..duh

3. Quit Smoking

Hmm..i don’t smoke....but when I was in KK during my 2nd sem..i was kinda surrounded by a bunch of smokers who happen to be my buddies coz that time I spent bnyk masa ngn dorg jugak…duh..they knew I didn’t like it but they just couldn’t help it...its been a while actually since the last time we ‘lepak’ together…I hope for this new year dorg akan kurang2kan la this merokok habit…this statement is particularly dedicated to bads, aza, iqbal, and aweng…

4. Enjoy Life More

This one is a bit subjective…I bet every one of us has our own means to enjoy our lives…we have our own way to entertain ourselves which might differ from others’..some of us love to spend their time with the crowd and some might prefer to b alone…it depends on the individuals themselves long as it brings us a kind of pleasure.. that will b just fine..nothing in the world can be regarded as the best feeling except for being happy and content with our own lives…

5.Get Out of Debt

It is completely irrefutable that financial problems can bring lots of worries to us…the feeling is no good at all apa2pun the best thing to do is berbelanja la mengikut kemampuan…huahauhaua…if u think it will make u broke..u better avoid that particular temptation…its a kind of shame kalau tpksa meminjam duit org lain sdgkan diri sndri belanja bagaikan diri seorg millionaire...ive been learning a lot bout this matter for these recent years…I understand that some of us have loads of desires to be fulfilled ..but remember as we grow up..makin bnyk bnda yg kita nak..makin ‘pokai’ kita for me so not bragging but i’ve spent my money on stuff yg aku rasa aku mampu beli only ..apa2 barang yg aku ada adalah brg yg aku rasa aku boleh long as aku still cukup mkn n tak nyusahkan org that will b ok..thank god so far aku masih cukup mkn….huhuhuhu…

6. Help Others

Helping others can take many forms..but as for’s utterly touching to see org yg tak cukup mkn sbb starvation and poverty …if I hv extra money I will give to those who are in need without any hesitation…walaupun sikit.. I know it means a lot to them..ive always wished that one day their lives would have changed…oleh yg demikian my dear friends…if we think that we’re broke and tak cukup mkn all the time...b thankful a bit sbb ada lg yg lebeh susah dr itu… least anda masih boleh menyantap a large set of any mcvalue meals kat mcd...ataupun beli snack plate kat kfc... huhu...i think am gonna stop here...till then~..daaa