Sunday, June 29, 2008

spain vs germany!~

hallluuuuu there..

haha..its a kinda odd for a person like "ME' who knows nothing bout futball to wake up n watch futball match late at night..or nearly dawn i must say...but last night..i watched the final match between spain n was so cool to see spain won the championship...haha...poor germany..!~...actually i am not a big fan of any team..but spain isnt that bad though..i sokong yg menang jerr..kakakakakak...:P...the spain goalkeeper..Iker Casillas Fernández seemed to catch my attention last nite..haha..with gud-looking figure he was a magnificent he's the captain of spanish national's so COOOLL!~...wawawawwaa...


looks like josh harnett a bit here...

he looks great in red i guess..heee..

Friday, June 27, 2008

ola ola ola~

heyaa peeps..

welcome to my new blog..guess this is my first entry here..i kinda hv no idea what to type here but nvmind...i just pour down anything that springs into my mind at the moment...

haduh..cuti is going to end soon...its kinda hard to explain what i really feel now..excited???huhu..not really...unhappy??tidak feelings are extremely inexplicable i must say..time moves so fast..n this july am going to shah alam for my 2nd year..n 3 year as gonna miss KK b honest..KK means sumthing to me..means a lot i think..dont get me wrong ok..coz some people might think that i hv 'someone' there n thats why i miss KK that much..actually thats not the reason at me..KK is a place for me to release all the pains that ive been thru lately..i dont hv to explain any futher bout those pains..but one thing for moving on well with life now~...:)...we need to cherish our lives to the fullest right???...
heyy..i wanna reflect a bit on one of the recent posts that i read on FS bulletin was from MUAZ( tak knl sgt pon but for sure he is a friend on my fs list) b honest..i would say that the post was nicely written from a sincere heart..esehh..huahauahau..what he said there was utterly was about giving advice to youngsters esp those who hv finished their school years..i know ramai yg teruja kan sbb dh hbs zmn skolah n tak pyhla pakai uniform segala n tpksa ikut peraturan sekolah etc..msti excited gila gak coz msti ramai yg akan msk kolej or uni..actually..we still hv a long way to go..(tu pon kalau long la offence)...n for sure we hv loads of things to think about no matter we like it or not..n bila dah msk kolej or uni..we need to b more independent coz life kat situ mmg beza la dr kehidupan di skolah..mgkin ramai yg excited sgt2 yg penting kena la pndai2 pker sndiri..friends are seriously vital there..friends are our ultimate influence coz we'll spend most of our time with them..our parents are not always there to b with us..just imagine kalau mak bapak pon asyik tgk kita n turut sama pg ke kolej or uni semata2 nak jaga kita..hahaha..that sounds tragic i guess..
talking bout frens just now..kwn mmg play a vital kita kena pndaila cari kwn..carila kwn2 yg bole susah sng dgn kita n yg pntg yg dpt bsama2 kita menuju kejayaan..walaupun ayat ni agak skema but its true..we can enjoy our lives like other people do...nak main pon main laa..nak ngorat awek pon ngorat laa..tak kesahhh..coz takda org marah gakk..dont worry..but the most important thing is kena pndai jaga diri..kita pon kena bsosial gak..takkan nak mngadap buku 24/7 right??we also hv a life to dont waste it..hahaha..kami pun salu enjoy gak sbnrnyaa...merambu rambi lg dlm erti kata lain..but dont ever forget ur main purpose of being there..i mean in kolej or uni..that is to educate study should always b our priority..i know am not the one yg layak utk bcakap psl ni but to me..enjoy sukati la tp study jgn neglect ponn..ingat apa parents kita pesan k...because our parents will always hope that their children will b useful people towards their nation..(i sound a bit weird here coz am not always being optimistic when it comes to this kind of thingy...nvmind...thats not important though) we grow up..we'll definitely learn loads of things...thats how we gain our experiences..but the most vital thing is we need to prepare ourselves mentally, physically,emotionally,spiritually etc to face the future..we'll nvr know what will happen to us coz life is extremely unpredictable..before i stop...i wanna apologize if there are any shortcomings in this entry..actually bukanla nak menasihat sapa2 pon but this is like a reminder for everyone including my own self..k i think thats all for now..till we meet again nxt time..daaaa~