Monday, March 23, 2009

23rd of MARCH 2009 Monday

Today..i barely believe that I’ve cursed more than I usually did..hahaha…put the blame on those who spread the rumour bout Mdm ********’s assignment…I try to be more confidential here by not mentioning that particular lecturer’s name..hahahaha…I was totally taken aback and infuriated at the same time when they told me that the assignment should be handed in tomorrow…WTFook!~…hello!~~..this microteaching thingy is enough to give me a kind of unexplained headache…then u want to bombard me with more headaches???duhhhh!~WTFook!~…thnk god it was just a prank…LOL..i really thought it was not a joke okay..n I lost my appetite because of that…-sigh-

This week is going be a hectic week for me…i seem to lose my direction coz there are loads of paths that I need to go through…lain lagi keja mdm ******,mdm *******…etc…erghhhh…seriously my life is not going to be a joke this week..n the following week as well I guess…in sum, my life is totally in a mess right now~

Can you give me more painkillers please??


3 curse(s):

Ariffudin said...

HaHa.. Macam aku kenal jak sepa yg spread rumour tu. =P Sorry, Pa. Men2 jak. Kalo that Madam serious mau kita anta assignment esoknya tu, memang aku bom dia. (^_^)

Ibrahim said...

Oh that really reminds me of someone. At least this sem I have a SIR here who wants us to suffer before our time.

~MioR AzrIzal~ said...

what type of painkiller do u want dear? mild one i can give u panadol@aspirin.. moderate one lemme give u ponstan @ ibuprofen..;)