Friday, April 24, 2009

24th of APRIL 2009

i was so elated that i had a full blast in midvalley megamall yesterday...i really enjoyed my outing as i could feed my stomach with Domino's pizzas which i really craved since months ago...with the NIKE's fashion show as well as it seriously made my day (its more to NIKE sportwears actually but that's not the point here)..i loved the event seriously as Andy estranged and Tengku Ean were also present..i was like..goshhh...its Andy!~..he's freaking tall and handsome i must say...(my type of guy..heee...)...Ean was dead cute with his friendly manners...auwww...but sadly..i was not able to take pictures with them as the place was dead crowded...there were other celebrities as well but i was not really into them..heee..all in all i enjoyed my day in mid!~

EAN..with the orange shirt..
the pic isnt that clear..ngee..sori

ANdy with the black shirt......sadly..the pic tak cantek...

Andy the tallest guy

Rudy hitz was also there...the one with yellow shirt

pop shuvit's cool performance...

joe flizzow was also there

3 curse(s):

Ralph said...

w're there as well.
I kinda saw u standing there with another guy.
boyfren huh?

anyway yah d show wz mvlous.
din expect it 2 b so dmn happning.
i hate crwded scene.
but yestdy, i tolerated my hate.

U'v been quite.
evrthng's ok miz?

t a u f i k said...

akhirnya ada update baru.
ngek. sakit badan aku kena pkul ole kau masa tgk ean dgn andy.
tragik betul.
gamba kau mcm blur skit kan.
mgkn ko tlampau zoom kot
anyway yesterday was very happening.
agak enjoyable kot. haha :p

blind-v said...


u were there as well?? did u know it was me????hahaha..
i was with my fren taufik.. was dead happening n i loved it soooooo muchh..heheheh...

quiet??no la..just tak active sgt coz nak exams dah kan...


huahauhaua..yerppp...i was like..u know..hahaha..ean n nd were so irresistable la...cute n ensem..wawawawa....aku addicted ngn estranged dah skrg..heee